Charity donation to SPLIT

BMLS made a donation to SPLIT of £161 in June 2018 as some extra funds became available from the BMLS Annual Dinner in April.

SPLIT stands for Supporting Paediatric Liver and Intestinal Transplants and is based at the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, one of only three hospitals in the UK who provide this treatment for tiny children.

1 in 1000 children born in the UK develop liver disease Twenty years ago most children died, usually before their first birthday. Today, advances in Diagnosis, Molecular Genetics, New Drug Therapy, Liver Transplantation means that we can save children with liver disease. SPLIT Supports children with liver disease and their families through:

  • Financial support for needy families in crisis
  • Information and education for families, professionals and the public
  • Research into the causes of liver disease and how best to treat it

For more information please visit



Joint meeting with Birmingham Medical Institute

On 8th May 2018, BMLS arranged a joint meeting with the BMI where guest speakers hosted a debate on ‘Terrorism, Mental Illness and the Insanity Defence’. Slides from Professor Nigel Eastman’s presentation are available here.

Charity Donation to Cysters

Message from Cysters, a self help group for women with reproductive health issues. April 2018


You have made our day!

As I  make plans for the future to continue to support socially isolated women across the Midlands I have to tell you how much I appreciate your support and how much difference your generous donation will make to this Organisation, allowing us to support these women further.

We aim to:-

  • Educate the public about reproductive health issues,
  • Educate women about their diagnosis so that they can make informed choices about treatment &
  • Challenge the societal, cultural and misogyny behind women’s reproductive health.

We feel that women don’t take ownership of their own health, due to the gender inequality issues within the community & this needs to change. Chronic pain associated with reproductive health has also become normalised so much so when women seek help they are often turned away or ignored.

Cysters are here to change perceptions about women’s health, making it okay to put yourself first and dispelling the myths surrounding the sexualized topics of gynaecological health and also its effect on mental health.

Your generous donation of £1000.00 will go a long way to helping us end provide safe spaces for these socially isolated women to have a place to meet and talk as part of a Cysterhood, managing our volunteer expenses and our website and hosting costs.

Thank you! You have made a real difference to our Cysters.  Our meetings are vital to starting that all important topic on reproductive health.

With gratitude your Cyster,
Neelam Heera

Essay Prize 2017 – Winner

Abbey Cahill Kearns is the winner of the 2017 prize with her essay entitled ‘Killing and letting die – flaws in the current UK medico-legal position on euthanasia’. The essay can be seen here:

2017 winning essay


Essay Prize 2016 – Winner

BMLS Council awarded the prize to Rebecca McMurray who is considering a career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Her winning essay can be found here:

2016 winning essay 


Essay Prize 2016 – Entries

The Society invites submissions from students of Law and Medicine at the University of Birmingham in the form of an essay of their choice on a topical issue of medico legal interest.

The essay should be 2000-2500 words, typed and double spaced. Please submit it as either a pdf file or Word Document by email to by midnight on 29 February 2016..

We shall award a prize of £500 to the best essays from the two disciplines of Law and Medicine. The winners will be invited to our Society Meeting for the award and will be able to have their essay published on the Society website.